Artist profile  //  Niels Jensen

   Billeder, der roterer, kan være solgt.

Niels Jensen
Born 1964
i Danmark

Niels Jensens father, who was a painter, has trained him. Niels Jensen debuted in 2002 and since then things have expanded rapidly. He has exhibited in many galleries, in community centers, in the art organizations and has participated in several art fairs. He has also had several decorative assignments in private and public institutions and has sold to many private collections in Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, England, France, USA, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Hong Kong etc.
Niels Jensen is one of the most exciting new artists who had made his voice heard in contemporary art. His base lies within the Cobra group’s abstract expressive style and likewise he finds inspiration from children's drawings and in Norse mythology, etc. However, in color and detail he differs clearly from Cobra group. His humorous designs are far from what the Cobra group members performed. When looking at Niels Jensen’s artworks one can clearly see what 40 years have done to society.
The coloristic creatures from associations within the unconscious, and their movements and faces show an immediate ease. The artworks’ recognisability and human symbolism testify to multiple layers putting basic human emotion on display.
Niels Jensen's works are a combination of imaginative, opulent creatures and an abstract graphic background that creates a dynamic contrast to the figures. Traces of cubism and the primitive art also mingle with his interpretations of human beings. Recently, Niels Jensen's longstanding interest in music has found its way into his works, where we meet one large ensemble after another. Niels Jensen is always developing.