Midtjyllands Kunst Center in the Mid-Jutland lake district in Bryrup, 17 Km. south of Silkeborg.  An incredibly beautiful place between hills,
forest and lakes. The trip is a great experience at all times of the year.

The trip will never be made in vain

Midtjyllands Kunst Center, established in 1998, is an International Art Center
with an exhibition area of 830m2 and 1.000m2 warehouse

In every way we are the country's largest Art Center

With an increasing number of visitors exceeding 30.000 a year
we are among Silkeborg's major tourist attractions

We specialize in contemporary art and a great amount of renowned artists from
both Denmark and abroad are affiliated with the art center.

Prices vary widely - from a few hundred DKKR to well over a hundred thousand DKKR

All of the artworks and sculptures are for sale 

The premises are housed in a previous tea bag factory with an exhibition area divided into 2 wings. 
We have tried to preserve the premises industrial appearence with rough rebar mounted om the walls and used as dividers between exhibitions. 
Reinforcement bars are used to hand up pieces of art and provides an optimal and flexible framework for the ever changing exhibitions.

The large exhibition areas provide the space to exhibit more than
1.500 changing pieces of art throughout the year

The exhibits range from very coloristic to firecely expressionistic - to the impressionistic and the almost poetically abstract.
The artists primarily work with painting, but also sculptures in bronze, steel and granite.
Crafts in the form of glass and ceramics are also very well represented.

The art center is an experience out of the ordinary
- and definately worth the trip

I In the Art Center you will be greeted by an enthusiastic and well-trained staff,
who have great joy in disseminating contemporary art.
Here, we gladly advise you in the choice of artist and in the selection of art. 

The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy and
we host a glass of red wine, coffe, tea and cake

Ole Holger Pedersen Birte Nørgaard Leif Bæk Else Alvad Poul Mathiassen Margit Dørflinger
Tina Wacherhausen Anni Bundgaard René Bylov Monrath Kristina Rytter Helle Nørgaard Jens Gammelgaard
Mirza Sahinovic Emil Kjeldsen Nicolaj Grum Christian Nørgaard Camilla Steenholdt  

Welcome to Midtjyllands Kunst Center

Ole Holger Pedersen