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BSV - Bjerringbro Silkeborg Voel professional handball department
We are sponsoring BSV on several occasions, including as match sponsor by advertising in the form of gift certificates for the art center, by hosting art lotterys at special BSV events and giving out art books and postcards from Midtjyllands Kunst Center, etc.
We have also organized and implemented a gallery evening for BSV's business club.

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Brædstrup Hospice
In connection with the establishment of Brædstrup Hospice we have given our support through gift cards and art books.

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Bryrup Idrætsforening
At various sports events, we have supported by distribution of prizes for the winning team.

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Horsens Orienteringsklub
Horsens Orienteringsklub organized the annual Easter running event in 2013 in the neighborhood of Bryrup.
We have supported by distributing prizes to the winners of the various races.

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Virklund School
We lend out artworks In changing exhibitions to Virk Lund School library.

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Peter Mygind and editor of Børsen Pleasure
at the front desk at Børsen

August 2008
In August 2008, the Midtjyllands Kunst Center and artist Pia Amdi, Children's Fund and business newspaper Børsen's magazine "Børsen Pleasure" a collaboration to produce a greater sum of money which would be used in the fight against childhood cancer. Pia Amdi sponsored willingly her great work of art, "A New Day", 140x140 cm, which was then valued at 37.500 DKK.

Throughout August the work of art graced the entrance of the newspaper Børsen where all visitors became acquainted with it. After a successfully completed art auction an ambassador for the Children's Foundation, actor Peter Mygind, and an employee of Midtjyllands Kunst Center, had the great pleasure to present the work to the proud buyer.

Pia Amdis painting brought the Children Fund above 60.000 DKK, so it was a proud Pia Amdi who received the good news In France, where she moved to the same year.

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